SCARS is a community of peers. Survivors supporting

other abuse Survivors in their journey to healing


thriving with

one another in life.

SCARS Survivor leaders engage in civic and community

outreach and education about domestic and sexual abuse to promote awareness and bring an end to domestic violence.

For the past 3 years, SCARS has hosted a community festival event during domestic violence Awareness Month at Beaverton City Park. This outreach and support festival has served over 300 community members in the Beaverton.

Our Story

Get to know us a little bit, soon we shall be posting more about how we came to be and why we do what we do.

Community Partners

Every month we hightlight a different small biz supporing partner, come support them and us!

Donate to us

Donations are a key part of how we support survivors and reach our community, it makes a difference when you do your part to help.


Stay tuned! We shall post all our goodies and swag for you to purchase here. Also news about our healing garden market stand for 2018.

 Services and Events

Come check out all the opportunities to get together, join our outreach, and other ways to support survivors on their journey of healing.

Contact Us

We have opportunities for connection with Survivors as well as providers and volunteers, contact us and let us know what we can do to tell you more about our Survivor-led community.

Relationship Quiz

Wondering about the health of your relationship? Take our relationship quiz and find out plus we've got great resources to share.

I am thankful for this group. Just seeing and talking with understanding ladies it is amazing how the panic subsides
— DV/SA Survivor
I’ve been searching for a male victim support group. Thank you for making a men’s survivor community possible
— SA Survivor